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Custom Fabrication

Let’s Get Your Idea From The Drawing Board To The Factory Floor
How it Works

The 6-Step Process to Custom Fabrication

You have the best invention for a piece of food processing equipment that would streamline your company’s workflow and increase productivity.

But the design isn’t fleshed out, and you’re unsure about the next step.

01. Bring us your idea

Have a bright idea for a new design?  Meet with us to discuss options.

02. Brainstorm
Your design is modelled in 3D in Solidworks to help visualize your idea.
03. Design
If your idea needs tweaking our designers are on the job. We don’t cut corners; we work until the design is right.
04. Approval
Once your design is finalized fabrication drawings are made and sent for final approval.
05. Build

The finalized drawings are then used by our shop fabricators to convert your design from paper to reality.

06. Install
Once the project is completed we make sure the design works and the customer is satisfied.
Easier, Efficient, and FASTER


SOLIDWORKS is a program for computer-aided design and engineering. With it, we can render your design from a 2D sketch to a 3D model.
Why is SOLIDWORKS a game-changer? Because:

Every measurement is precise

Unlike a physical sketch, a computer-rendered 3D model is accurate to a fraction of a millimetre. Your design is mapped out with mathematical precision.

Not only that, but our water cutting machine is computer-aided, creating cuts that are virtually perfect.

Designs are perfected before fabrication begins

With SOLIDWORKS, we have the unique opportunity to make sure a product works before it’s fabbed. Sheet metal can be folded up and tested before a single cut is made.

This is beneficial to your custom fabrication for 2 reasons:

A. It’s faster – SOLIDWORKS makes designing easier and more efficient, significantly speeding up the process.

B. Alterations are easier – having a 3D rendering lets you see the product on the screen before it’s fabbed, allowing for changes without remaking an entire part.

We take confidentiality seriously.

Concerned About Your Trade Secrets?

We get it — you want your company’s proprietary information to stay secret.

We take confidentiality seriously. This is why we always sign an NDA if requested. No questions asked.

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But what if my company’s confidential design could help another company? Will RMS share the information?

Here’s the scenario:

We could recycle the design to make our own jobs easier. So you’re asking, will we use your confidential information?

The answer is NO. RMS doesn’t share information bound by an NDA contract. It’s that simple.

It’s a sticky scenario. However, it’s not as scary as you’d think, for 2 reasons:

01. Designs are almost never the same

Designs protected by NDAs are complex and require custom fabrication. We rarely come across similar designs.

02. We can find another solution
it’s very unlikely for a problem to be unsolvable without an NDA-protected answer. We have a skilled team of designers that can find another way.

However, if the unthinkable happens, rest assured: your confidentiality is always our #1 priority.

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