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RMS Industrial Maintenance LTD was founded for a sole purpose: to get clients out of hot water fast.

Since then, we’ve grown into a company that provides not just maintenance, but also the design and installation of new equipment.

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The RMS Vision: Creating The Easy Fix

How do you avoid a difficult repair job? You build the machine so it’s easy to repair.

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

The vision of RMS is to repair and build equipment the right way, the first time.

Why? 2 big reasons:

  1. Equipment lasts longer – when a machine is made right from the get-go, it breaks down less.
  2. Servicing is easier – if your machine does need repairs, it’s a whole lot easier when all the parts are well-made and where they should be.

Learn more about our services by visiting our maintenance and custom fabrication pages!

Starts Small, Then Goes Big

A Short RMS History Lesson

Abbotsford, BC

We started with 4 guys — a millwright, a plumber, an electrician, and a refrigeration technician.


RMS Industrial Maintenance was founded in March 2004.


We moved from our old shop to our current location


Allows us to move larger equipment or do plant relocations more efficiently. Also allows us to deliver custom fabrication.


Allows us to break and form in house. Take project from concept and design to fabrication and install.

175 Ton Accurpress Break Shear

144" overall length of bed and ram
Capacity: 10'x1/4"
Weight: 24,000 LBS

LDR Motion Plasma Cutter

5'x10' cutting capacity
Could cut up to ½" Mild Steel
Plasma Cutter: Hypertherm powermax 65


Replaced in 2020 with a Water jet

Omax 80X Waterjet

Cutting Envelope: 13'4" x 6'8"
5 axis cutting
Linear positional accuracy: +-0.0010"
Repeatability: +-0.0010"


allows us to make custom parts efficiently, cutting materials up to between 8 inches thick


Allows us to move even larger equipment and reach further.

Purchased a Hiab Crane Truck

• 10000 kg knuckle boom
• 20 ft x 8.8 ft bed
• 65ft of reach.

Purchased DAVI CNC rolls

5 ft wide rolling sheet capacity
Roll up to .25” Stainless Steel
Minimum roll dia. of 6”


Allows us to roll plate and sheets, for various different fabrication tasks.

We've got you covered

Worried Your Business Is Too Far Away?

If you’re in BC or Alberta, then yes, we can work with you! RMS is based in Abbotsford, BC, and we serve 200+ customers across both provinces.

We pride ourselves on building good personal relationships with our clients — you’ll know most of our faces by the end of a project.

Who We Are

Meet RMS’s Partners

John Schouten

When John recalls his earliest memory, he was working in the yard or helping out in his dads family business. If there is anyone unafraid of hard work – it’s John.

His resume is packed with hands-on jobs, installing heating systems, doing maintenance in a food plant, and volunteer firefighting. Yet he wanted to do more. He wanted to make his mark and be a leader. It was maintenance where he found his calling … and a need for local, all-round plant services. With 3 co-workers, John founded RMS: a plant maintenance company that started out inside a couple of vans.

He’s raised 5 kids with his wife of 30 years, Anita. With their support, his faith, and the love of helping others, he has helped nurture RMS into the awesome company it is today. Sure his days are hectic, and the work is tough. But it is fine because A) he has learned to work hard, and do the best that he can! And B) he would not have it any other way.

Russ Toet

Russ has never been one for sitting still. Growing up in Winnipeg, he was always camping, playing hockey, and avoiding schoolwork. When he was 16 years old he met a girl, and liked her a lot—enough to follow her to BC a few years later.

Russ worked a few less-than-thrilling years in landscaping and farming. Eventually, he landed some millwright work, where he finally dusted off his machinery skills. In 2010 he joined RMS, and after 10 years of hard work, he became a partner.

And as for the girl he followed? The couple tied the knot 14 years ago and now have 3 wonderful daughters. Nowadays, Russ is right where he wants to be. All it took was faith and a lot of elbow grease.

Kurt Schouten

Kurt got to know maintenance work at an early age. Growing up on an egg processing plant’s property, helping his dad out every Saturday doing maintenance around the facility.

Originally Kurt did not enjoy the work, and after High School decided to pursue an interest in Mechanical Drafting. After a few semesters, he soon realized it could be a handy tool in a growing company his dad founded 7 years prior. He began working there using Solid works part-time, while completing his Millwright apprenticeship.

9 years later, after taking on more and more responsibility every year, he became an RMS partner.

Kurt works hard and plays hard, spending his downtime with his wife and 3 kids. At work, Kurt leads with a level head. He sets the bar high but can sure give a boost if needed. Whether in-office or on-site, you’ll see Kurt juggling jobs and solving problems with a grin.

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