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What Makes RMS Different?

Invoices Are Clear
& To-The-Point

there are no hidden charges. Our invoices break down everything – hourly rates, reasons for time spent, and parts required. 

You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for, and why.

Your Industry Secrets Are Protected

if what we’re working with is confidential, our lips are sealed.

We sign NDA’s if necessary.

No questions asked.

Our Design Capabilities Ensure Challenges Are Met

RMS is one of the only maintenance companies in BC offering full design and build services. 

We have a talented team of designers that bring ideas to reality, using SOLIDWORKS 3D modelling software to streamline the designing process.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS on our custom fabrication page.

Industrial Maintenance Services in Abbotsford

At RMS Industrial Maintenance Service LTD, we offer a variety of services for our customers in the food production and manufacturing industries, as well as the agricultural and recycling industries. We have over six years of experience supporting our 200+ customers in and around the Abbostsford area.

Our focus is on transparent services for custom fabrication, maintenance, commercial and industrial electrical system installation, gas fitting, plumbing, engineering and design, as well as custom modeling and Waterject cutting, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Our Maintenance Services

In the processing and manufacturing industries, maintenance services are essential to reduce unplanned downtime and keep scheduled downtime to a minimum. At RMS, we offer the services you need, including electrical, welding, fabrication, plumbing, design, boiler work, and millwright services.

Using our comprehensive services means your company only has to deal with one maintenance team and company. This reduces the risk of missing essential service schedules or the challenge of knowing which companies to call when there are planned or unplanned maintenance needs.

From complex systems to basic maintenance repairs, the team at RMS Industrial Maintenance Service LTD provides services to get your systems back up and running and keep them operating. We pride ourselves on full transparency and clear invoicing, confidentiality for any proprietary processes in use on your premises, and a full design and build capability that is not available with most other companies throughout the Abbotsford area.

For answers to your questions about RMS Industrial Maintenance Service LTD, call us at 604-853-2885 or use our online quote form.

The OMAX 80X Waterjet

6 reasons why our Waterjet is such an asset:

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5 Frustrations

You Want To Avoid With Maintenance Services

1. The Fix Doesn’t

the repairs to your equipment are hasty and careless. A patch is put on, it fails within a few days, and you’re right back to where you started.

2. Machine Parts Are Never In Stock

your machine is down, the parts are taking forever to come in, and you’re losing money.

3. The Repair Is Worse Than The Break

a poor quality fix causes future breakdowns, leaving you worse off than before.

4. Your Emergency Isn’t Viewed As Urgent

the situation with your machine is critical, but the maintenance company isn’t acting like it. Response from technicians is slow, keeping your machine’s productivity at a standstill.

5. Your Service Team Doesn’t Communicate With You

there are strange charges on your invoice, and you don’t know what’s been done to your machine.

5 RMS Solutions

To Solve Your Frustrations

1. Maintenance Is Reliable

if we find that your machine needs more work than anticipated, we patch it up to run smoothly while we work on a long-term fix.

2. We Arrive On-Site With Parts

we come as prepared as possible, cutting any back-and-forth driving to a minimum. Sometimes we don’t have everything – if that happens, we try to get what’s needed and install the same day.

3. Work That Improves Your Machine

if we see that your machine could benefit from more than the scheduled maintenance, we discuss options with you. A pricier repair now could save you money in the long run.

4. Your Call Is Always Treated Urgently

the moment you call, our team of technicians work to get your equipment fixed ASAP. Have all of your information on hand so we can get you back up and running.

5. We Always Communicate With You

though we make recommendations for repairs, you always have the final say. We keep you in the loop, from the initial inspection to the final invoice.
Contact us for a no-pressure, no-obligation quote

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